2012 GAR Inaugural : Amy Chorew, Mobile Training

The Future arrived yesterday.  (Did you notice?)

Are you one of the many agents who are adopting technology and incorporating it into your business? If so, congratulations!  The benefit will be more valuable than anyone can predict.

You see, for years technology progressed in cadence with the sound of a carriage pony in a trot.  From the printing press to the cotton gin and from the manufacturing line to the  first computers, the rate of tech iteration was quite slooooow.  Yes, the world did change but we only noticed when we talked of the good old days.

We all remember the rotary phone, right? Did the world really change by going to push-buttons or speed dial?  I think not.

But in the last 20 years, technology not only made improvements for replicating tasks but also in our everyday communication.  Our society is now evolving because tech improvements are changing the rules and manners in which we communicate.  A key component of OUR business, correct?

Amy’s Presentation at 2012 GAR Inaugural highlighted specific examples that the modern REALTOR® must possess.  Here are some interesting facts to note:

  • 50% of all internet searches are from mobile devices like iPads and iPhones
  • There are over 1 Billion smart phones in the world today.
  • Consumers expect information to be readily available.
  • Consumers only desire to pay for service.  The information is expected to be FREE.
  • REALTORS® do not need their own App.
  • Your website must work on a mobile device. Period.
  • Use Productivity Apps like YouMail
  • Force yourself to be a “mobile Agent”

For the tools and traits the modern REALTOR® should possess, review her presentation and engage her vast knowledge on the subject at AmyChorew.com.

Want to see Amy?  Her next appearance will be at RETSO on Friday, April 13, 2012.

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