Top Achievers Award Qualification Changes

The CAOR Board of Directors has approved the following changes to our Top Achievers Award qualifications to begin with 2017 production. (linked below)

The document has been cleaned up to provide clarity to the program.

The main changes occur in the following areas:

Section 9 – GCI (gross commission income) requirements.

  • Minimum GCI to qualify for an Individual Bronze award was increased to $40,000.
  • Minimum GCI to qualify for an Individual Silver award was increased to $70,000.
  • Minimum GCI to qualify for an Individual Diamond award was reduced to $350,000.
  • Minimum GCI to qualify for a Team Bronze award was increased to $60,000 with all other award level GCI’s increased accordingly.

Page 6 – Class Clarifications – Teams.

Award credit is given to one “team leader”. ^Award credit may be given to another member IF the team members have a written business partnership, up to four (4) partners total. Other additional team members will not receive award credit while they are a member of the team.

^ To qualify for additional “team leader” award credits, awardees must meet the minimum GCI requirement times the number of awardees. (i.e. Two team leader credits: GCI = 2 x $60K; Three team leader credits: GCI = 3 x $60K, etc.)

Team award and award credit are considered differently. Team award (i.e. plaque, plate, presentation/program recognition) will be given to the team. Award credit years will be tracked individually per member on our master awards report.

Please click here to download the full document.